Our Info


Name: Steve Nichols

Alias(es): Frenchy Blaze, Rabbi Nikolsburger

Hometown: Manhattan

Seventeen word history: New York Connecticut Florida Vermont Radio Restaurants Cindy Ben Alyssa Genesis Sinatra Why? Emerson (Ralph Waldo) Yet?

Homepage: igoogle.com (highly customized)

Guilty pleasure: Gwyneth Paltrow movies (Gwyneth Paltrow anything, actually…)

Favorite radio station of all time: WNEW 1130, where the melody lingers on. RIP.

Nobody knows that I : Can read minds


Name: Todd Wellington

Alias(es): Spartacus, Herr Director, Doctor-Professor Wellington

Hometown: Hampton Beach, N.H.

Seventeen word history: News Director. Entertainer. Father. Husband. Not in that order. Former newspaper reporter and public radio correspondent. Sexy.

Homepage: www.KingofSilly.com

Guilty pleasure: Reno 911

Favorite radio station of all time: WBCN, Boston (long live “The Big Mattress”)

Nobody knows that I :…was in the U.S. Army…really…

Vermont Mornings Radio