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Created: 15 August 2014


Name: Steve Nichols

Alias(es): Frenchy Blaze, Rabbi Nikolsburger

Hometown: Manhattan

Seventeen word history: New York Connecticut Florida Vermont Radio Restaurants Cindy Ben Alyssa Genesis Sinatra Why? Emerson (Ralph Waldo) Yet?

Homepage: igoogle.com (highly customized)

Guilty pleasure: Gwyneth Paltrow movies (Gwyneth Paltrow anything, actually…)

Favorite radio station of all time: WNEW 1130, where the melody lingers on. RIP.

Nobody knows that I : Can read minds


Name: Todd Wellington

Alias(es): Spartacus, Herr Director, Doctor-Professor Wellington

Hometown: Hampton Beach, N.H.

Seventeen word history: News Director. Entertainer. Father. Husband. Not in that order. Former newspaper reporter and public radio correspondent. Sexy.

Homepage: www.KingofSilly.com

Guilty pleasure: Reno 911

Favorite radio station of all time: WBCN, Boston (long live “The Big Mattress”)

Nobody knows that I :…was in the U.S. Army…really…



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Created: 22 July 2014

What does FAQ stand for?

Frequently Asked Questions. No more gimmies, so pay attention.

Why can’t I hear the station when I click on the ON AIR light?

Your computer needs a little bit of configuration.  When you click on that light, one of two things happen:

  1. In a few seconds, you will hear Vermont Mornings! (congrats, you’re savvier than you think.)
  2. New funny-looking pages open, error messages pop up, you get an uncontrollable tic in your right eye and an uncontrollable urge to listen to Ethel Merman records.

DON’T PANIC. You need to download either Real Player or Winamp. After you install one of these programs, when you click on the “on the air” light, you will start hearing the feed. Just go to the website and follow the directions. And although they may ask you to buy the super-custom-deluxe version of their programs, remember that you can always download the free version. It’s THAT SIMPLE.

Surely it’s not THAT simple?

Yes it is. And stop calling us Shirley.

Thanks for listening…and for spending some time at vermontmornings.com!

–The Caffeinators





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Created: 22 July 2014

These people and places are part of vermontmornings.com

Eric Berry’s http://www.neksports.net/home/ Everything sports in the NEK.

Our weather dudes at the Fairbanks Museum in St. Johnsbury, Vermont: http://www.eotsweb.org/index.php

Burke Mountain: http://www.skiburke.com/

The Stepping Stone Spa: http://www.steppingstonespa.com/

Wes Ward Auto Repair: http://www.wesward.com/

Super Steve Legge: http://www.stevelegge.com/


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