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  Sound familiar??? Steve says he remembers the song.   If you love The Four Seasons, you'll know the sound. Gary says...
One of these guys went on to superstardom: (Hint:  It wasn't Spencer Davis) (It was Steve Winwood!) Gary says It Shoulda Been A Hit! Steve says...mehhh...
Un Deux Trois "Dites 'Fromage!'" Putin photo courtesy of StĂ©phane LavouĂ© (the fellow on the right in the picture above)   http://www.stephanelavoue.fr
Part I Part II Part III                    Tennyson Marceau                   &nbs
Well, actually it WAS a hit.  (It got to #15)   But it was a really long time ago, before he became famous.   From New York City...tune in and see if you remember!
Part I Part II Part III Independence Day celebrates freedom from fundraising! Independence Day celebrations the invention and consumption of new drinks!! (Say hello to the '

The Show: The Pilot (a work in progress)

Category: Radio
Published: 02 October 2014
Written by Steve Nichols Hits: 1419


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